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What is a Tracking Number?

A tracking number is a unique number placed on every package by the carrier. It is printed on the package label in human-readable and machine readable formats. It is also known as a PRO number, waybill number or airbill number.

Where do I get a Tracking Number for a package?

If you sent the package, look at your receipt or carrier manifest. If you are receiving the package, you must contact the shipper to obtain the tracking number. The tracking number may appear on the invoice or acknowledgement from the shipper. Many online stores will include the tracking number in your confirmation email message. Simply cut and paste it into's form.

What does a Tracking Number do?

The tracking number is read and put into the carriers' computer system at every key point along the route from the shipper to the recipient. The carrier can find out where a package is by checking their computer system.

I have a tracking number, now what?

If you want to find out where a package is and when it will be delivered, you must contact the carrier. You can contact them via telephone, a dedicated computer program on your computer, via the carriers' web site, or through Go to's Home Page, enter the tracking number, and press the button for the carrier (if that carrier has a button). If that carrier does not have a button, select the carrier from the pull-down list and click "Track". You can choose which carriers have quick-access buttons by customizing PackTrack (see below). In a few seconds, you will then see a screen showing you where your package is.

How do I bookmark

In Netscape, choose CTRL+D to add to your Bookmarks. In Internet Explorer, choose Favorites->Add To Favorites from the pull-down menu at the top of the screen.

I have a lot of packages to track. What can I do?

Check the "Save" check box next to the tracking number field. Your tracking number and reference info will be saved in your PackTrack history without tracking the package at the carrier's website. You can then track any of your packages at a later time.

How do I customize PackTrack?

You must sign in first. The only reason we ask that you sign in is so that PackTrack knows who you are. We don't ask for any personal information. We just need a username and password.

After you sign in, click on the Customize links. You'll see our customize screen. Type in your password (this prevents others from changing your settings if you share your computer). Then, edit the carriers in the text window. Simply type in their nicknames. Put them in the order you wish to see them on your PackTrack page. You can type in upper or lower case. Press Done when finished.

Your custom carriers will appear as buttons on your PackTrack page, allowing you to track your packages very quickly. All carriers appear in the pull-down menu below. This permits you to customize PackTrack, yet still have access to all of our carriers.

You can also enter your Time Zone Offset from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, London, England). For example, Eastern Standard Time is -5, Pacific Standard Time is -8, etc.

You may customize PackTrack as often as you like.

How long does PackTrack keep my tracking numbers?

Tracking numbers are kept for 30 days. There is no archive. The records are permanently deleted to maintain your privacy, to save server space, and to keep PackTrack fast and responsive.


Problem with a tracking number

Some carriers use only part of their PRO number for the tracking number. Contact the carrier directly to find out how to decode their numbers. Many carriers have instructions on their web sites. Airline cargo shipments use a 3-digit prefix followed by the tracking number. Don't enter the prefix into PackTrack. PackTrack will enter it automatically for that carrier.

The system seems slow

Airline tracking programs are very slow. You may have to wait up to a minute for your results. Most tracking results return in 4-5 seconds (with a modem). Network traffic may slow this down occasionally.


Carrier Package delivery company such as UPS, Fedex, etc., trucking companies, or air or ocean freight companies.
Shipper Person or company who sent the package.
Recipient Person or company receiving the package.

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